The man is a musician. Composing songs for a really long time now. Jazzy inputs combined with really dope drum programming is Syah.
Tuntable music in it’s most innovative and creative form is Syah.
Throughout his explorations, he has transcended limitations while still maintaining his unique, unmistakable sound. He continues to amaze and never ceases to expand the vision of what music is all about today.
He ventures into every new project motivated purely by the desire to expand the boundaries of his creativity.
Did somebody say hiphop? Syah is one of the lesser artists that still manages to give you that feel you had when watching YO Raps in the mid 90’s.

-Syah – Chillin’ at the daddies nasty studio (Compilation) Tape/CD 1998/2001 DNSrecords

In groups/projects
InDepth, Shut eye horizon, Sources of specialment, More Serious, L-west productions

Guest appearances and production
-Ourplace compilation 2008 – Handle with care CD
-Clinical Sounds – Vol.2 E compilation 2007
-Breakseven Remixes CD 2007 – Arranged by DJ Quest
-Beyond Space Vol.2 – A guide to burning bridges CD 2005 – Beyond Space
-The Oezers – Potato love (Ricky Dee and N(obody) CD 2005 Limted item lovers
-N(obody) – On a trial basis Vinyl 2004 DNSrecords/Subversiv*rec
-N(obody) – On a trial basis CD 2004 DNSrecords
-Nemo and Mojo figured by N&Blatta – The search for the golden plug CD 2001 Ourplace
-L – West productions – Beatfreaks (re-issue double CD New millenium)
-N(obody) – Climax orgasmo CD 1999 Ourplace
-N(obody) – Climax orgasmo Tape 1999 Ourplace
-N&Blatta – The abstract form of nothing CD/Tape 1999 Ourplace
-L – West productions – The people from Sneek single CD 1999 New millenium
-NEC – North east connections Vinyl 1999 NEC
-Sources of specialment – The culture we live Tape 1998 DNSrecords
-Smooth Cee – Vinylator Tape 1998 SIP
-BCP – Surrealistic Elocution 1997 Tape SIP
-BCP – Know Da Difference 1995 Tape SIP
-L West productions – Releases that make mc’s pray for help from jesus 1996 Nico’s records
-Sources of specialment – Free from expectations Vinyl 1996 Nico’s records
-More Serious – Head cleaning fluid Tape 1997 DNS records
-Sources of specialment – Underground Tape 1995 DNS records
-Blockbuster compilation 1994 Nico’s records
-L West productions – The result of a neighbourhood crew CD 1993 Nico’s Records
-L West productions – to dangerous to play Tape 1992
-L West productions – the last white poets Tape 1991
-Beatfreaks – The Beatfreak tape Tape 1987

-Rebirth magazine -Syah – Chillin’ at the daddies nasty studio (Compilation) Tape/CD
-Hiphopinfinity -Syah – Chillin’ at the daddies nasty studio (Compilation) Tape/CD