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Shut eye horizon – Innerstellar space and parallel view. New video!!!

September 8, 2018
Finally, Video Premiere!!! This took some time, almost 38 months? Recorded right before N’s marriage. In fact this suit, a few beers and a night out made it the perfect ambiance to propose to her. After 21 years of steady dating. Bass in your face!!! This is probably our filthiest video shoot ever. We went down under! into the abyss. Innerstellar toxic basement. Breathing quality indoor air was extremely bad. Yup we got sick, sick of it all… Anyway, support us and rock with us. Pick up our new album and the older ones. We appreciate it!!! Edit: Palit productions & Chop Avi. Pick it up at: Song from the new album – Alec Baldwin out on cassette www.limiteditemlovers.com http://www.limiteditemlovers.com/product/shut-eye-horizon-alec-baldwin-tape-7-vinyl-t-shirt-bundle/ BANDCAMP: https://limiteditemlovers.bandcamp.com/album/alec-baldwin

Nlus – Whether it’s a walk

June 8, 2018
First a.k.a. Nlus release, as featured on Jeroen Diepemaat his 4 cd-box, Releasedate 21 june Feat; Francisco López, Machinefabriek, Les Horribles Travailleurs, Gluid, Michael Ridge, podL, Staplerfahrer, Teleferick, Vehikel, Nlus en BMB con. More release + presentation info here


May 30, 2018 0

Shut eye horizon – Wake up (Live)

Shut eye horizon / Video

inDepth – My radio

inDepth / Video

inDepth – Influence

inDepth / Video