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Shut eye horizon – Innerstellar space and parallel view. New video!!!

September 8, 2018
Finally, Video Premiere!!! This took some time, almost 38 months? Recorded right before N’s marriage. In fact this suit, a few beers and a night out made it the perfect ambiance to propose to her. After 21 years of steady dating. Bass in your face!!! This is probably our filthiest video shoot ever. We went down under! into the abyss. Innerstellar toxic basement. Breathing quality indoor air was extremely bad. Yup we got sick, sick of it all… Anyway, support us and rock with us. Pick up our new album and the older ones. We appreciate it!!! Edit: Palit productions & Chop Avi. Pick it up at: Song from the new album – Alec Baldwin out on cassette www.limiteditemlovers.com http://www.limiteditemlovers.com/product/shut-eye-horizon-alec-baldwin-tape-7-vinyl-t-shirt-bundle/ BANDCAMP: https://limiteditemlovers.bandcamp.com/album/alec-baldwin

Nlus – Whether it’s a walk

June 8, 2018
First a.k.a. Nlus release, as featured on Jeroen Diepemaat his 4 cd-box, Releasedate 21 june Feat; Francisco López, Machinefabriek, Les Horribles Travailleurs, Gluid, Michael Ridge, podL, Staplerfahrer, Teleferick, Vehikel, Nlus en BMB con. More release + presentation info here


May 30, 2018 0

Shut eye horizon – Solipsism (Limited Cassette) Out Now

August 27, 2017
Syahprise Followers, Fans and Foes! Today we drop our little secret Syahprise Dee-djay Syah album! on tape. Limited how we like it. Only physical copies. (Extremely pricey BC DL is possible, but that’s unfortunatly BC’s policy. Anyway support is greatly appreciated! Don’t lack ambition! SUPPORT. Underground hiphop. We love doing this. New album sooner…. But pick this up first. Features: NonUman and Kane Mastered at Statinski Mastering. Beats & Mixed by N, Cuts By Dee-djay Syah Raps & Flows by N and Mr Moodswing https://ourlimiteditemloversplace.bandcamp.com/ OR http://www.limiteditemlovers.com/…/shut-eye-horizon-solips…/ Support or yadgaf!

Interview InDepth (the Find magazine)

February 8, 2017
First published on the Find magazine, but offline right now. They will be back! You guys have been around the Dutch hip hop scene for decades. Where did it all start? S: A friend of mine introduced me to hiphop in 85. He brought some hiphop (tapes) to a soccer summer camp. The Fatboys, UTFO, Run DMC, Electros and such . He was a human beatboxer and one day he invited me to go with him to a radioshow that did an interview with some local rappers & beatboxers. That really started it off. I was already into graffiti, but now started to practice my beatbox skills. I hooked up with Rox, who was a rapper in a crew called The Beatfreaks. We used to bumrush drive-in shows and perform at discos. One or two mics, me doing some beatboxing and him rapping. Later I joined the Beatfreaks. First as a beatboxer during battles, but soon after that I started making beats on drummachines, making pause tapes and adding scratches to that. That’s where it all started for me: (radio)shows, battles, learning how to program beats, recording demos. In the 90s, I was part of L-West Productions, Wrecking Crew, AOK, More Serious & Sources Of Specialment. N: The first albums by Souls of Mischief, Saafir, Casual, Del, the Pharcyde & Freestyle Fellowship really kicked things off for me. Before that I listened to hiphop but was more focused on skateboarding. I was introduced to hiphop in 89 by my old skate homie Ricky D. We used to listen to all the old tapes in his red Suzuki van, while driving to the skatespots and all that. Back then I wasn’t really into that Gangsta rap era, so the more alternative energy & originality, toying with syllables, and laid back vibe of the Hieros and the Pharcyde were really appealing to me. I always used to borrow instrumental vinyl from the local library, to practice and evolve my freestyle skills. My first group back in 93 was called BCP. That’s when I met my beatcreator DJ Smooth Cee. We made the first real songs together and founded Sunstreet Ingredients Productions. Which was a collective of mc’s creating dope music. We released lot’s of homemade tapes. I mean these tapes have become rarities!. I’m still looking for my own solo tape! Haha. Later on Ricky D introduced me to 4LG, who was in the group More Serious with Syah. That’s how I met Syah and he invited us to record at his studio. After More Serious decided to split up 4LG joined BCP and later on we became the group called N&Blatta. S: I was pretty broke at that time. Living a thrifty life as a student, but fortunately one of the guys from my crew (Romeo) was a big spender when it came to hardware like samplers and mixers. I was allowed to use it at my place, so I was constantly focused on producing and mixing. I loved to invite guys

Name science & inDepth – Atomic Mass (Weight) Ar VINYL OUT NOW

April 28, 2016
Proud to present you our next release: Name science & inDepth – Atomic Mass (Weight) Ar Underground hiphop is still alive, Our hearts beat for this! Limited vinyl 275 pressed. Get yours at limiteditemlovers.com

Name science & inDepth – Atomic Mass (Weight) Ar (VINYL TEASER Audio snippets)

April 23, 2016
Hey Guys, Let’s celebrate! The new inDepth album with Name science is most likely out on vinyl next week. Recorded late 2014 / early 2015, finished spring 2015 and was supposed to drop right after the summer 2015. To get this project on vinyl was completely nuts. Delay after delay, different artists working on cover design (Big ups to Bamski & Blatta for finally gettin the job done) and a tremendous backlog for the presses even though the plant was running 24/7. We expect the records to arrive at www.limiteditemlovers.com next week. For the US supporters a few weeks later. Taking delight in being able to weather this little storm that came to get this out on vinyl. We are really proud that we did it. It was fun, it was an adventure and we feel extremely fortunate. We’ve gotten to work with Sach (the Nonce/ GPAC) and Inoe (GPAC), 2 amazing talented people, and to learn from them, which is why we are doing this. Timeless / #Noofficialreleasedate #2020, Underground hiphop is still alive.

Old N&Blatta track “Ideas” Feat Psychic Summit

March 13, 2015
Long lost and found! A 17 year old N&Blatta track featuring Psychic Summit (Sources of specialment) This one supposed to end up on N&Blatta’s second album “The search for the golden plug” Donno why it didn’t happen. Anyway glad it finally surfaced. Enjoy! Ninetees stuff!

Shut eye horizon – Trending topic (Official video)

February 22, 2015
Third video from Shut eye horizon’s Überhaupt album. They got new shit coming up so make sure you get the debut album. It helps them to release the new! Go get the vinyl at Limiteditemlovers. Shut eye horizon – Überhaupt

InDepth – My radio (Official video)

February 15, 2015
To announce our new album & get you all excited. We decided to give you this new video from our last 2012 “Higher value” album. This video took us 3 years to finish. This is the video for the homies! With the new album you can expect the unexpected.  Recorded with no other goal then to just have a really god damn good time. More info soon.  

InDepth featured on BasslinersXS and the Find compilation

October 16, 2014
UK-based platform BasslinersXS asked The Find to curate a hip hop selection on the collaborative compilation Ice And Fire. The result is a schizophrenic two-sided collection with genres on two sides of the musical spectrum: dubstep/drum ‘n’ bass selected by BasslinersXS, and hip hop by The Find. Free download Compilation: Ice and Fire by Various Artists

InDepth interview by the Find magazine

October 13, 2014
The friendly folks of the Find magazine took the time to sit down and ask InDepth some indepth questions Check it out

Shut eye horizon drops album

October 18, 2013
New project added to the roster. Shut eye horizon is comprised of Syah and N and Mr. Moodswing. Their debut album Überhaupt will be out digital 04-11-2013 and somewhat later on vinyl. (plus exclusive downloads) It’s a knocking, acid-burned image that they have spent many of the last half dozen months trying to shake, delving further and further into a heady—yet hardly known—musical abyss in the process. Analog synths, drummachines, FX, overdose sampling, gritty flows, thoughtfull rhymes & banging experimentation, but with accessible qualities, whether it be a defined hook or a muddy synth riff. A welcome interruption from the hiphop blur . Will you come along for the ride? More info on http://www.shuteyehorizon.com