Mio nome è N(essuno), His name is N(obody), N, Mr_inbetween, Nemo, 7inch Nlus.

This beat-driven, experimental thinker adds up to an irreverent, widely-ranging mixed-bag of electronics and acoustics. His creatively chopped drumloops televise our revolution and convince N(obody) to deliver rhymes dealing mostly with sociological and personal metaphors and absurd hooks. N says the stuff you never felt. N feels the stuff he always thinks of. N thinks of all the stuff he feels. N(obody)’s extrovert, yet he’s introverted at the same time. When he gets a great idea, he won’t let it go and gets so animated. At other times he would be so intent on what he is thinking about, he would be in another world. In his studio he’s the child amongst children. On stage he’s N(obody) that welcomes you to listen.
N makes you rethink the entire practice of categorizing art.

N has worked with: Rhythmatic, Eligh, Arata, Bfap, Asop, Josh Martinez, Smooth Cee, Moonrocks (Nebulus, Bicasso), Debbie, Blatta, Cee!!!, Dj Moves, Fat Chicano, Neoteric, Rhek, D-vice, The Mole, Terms, Escape Artists, Awol one, 2Mex, Gelroc, DJRoach, Elio, Jaeda, Cavemen Speak, Stacs of Stamina, Phat Poodle, Bleubird etc.

In groups / projects
InDepth, Shut eye horizon, N&Blatta, the Oezers, Luwte, BCP, The Flesheating discodog VS. the Nailbiting alligator.

-N(obody) – On a trial basis Vinyl 2004 DNSrecords/Subversiv*rec
-N(obody) – On a trial basis CD 2004 DNSrecords
-N(obody) – Climax orgasmo CD/Tape 1999 Ourplace
-N – Reanimate The Stucture 1997 Tape SIP

Guest appearances and production
Xczircles – Act of Gosh CD
-The Mole – Mutamigradaptation CD Hecticrecords (2006)
-Dirty Crew – Volume 2 : II Dirty CD Futility records 2005
-Fatt Matt presents The Dirty Crew : 604902 CD Futility records 2005
-Burnside video 2004 (Song for a skateboard shop video)
-Phat poodle – Free flight Tape 2001
-NBP – For those who drink their coffee black CD Hectic records
-Syah – Chillin’ at the daddies nasty studio Tape/CD 1998/2001 DNSrecords
-Phat Poodle – Insiders thicker than water tape 1999
-Smooth Cee – Vinylator Tape 1998 SIP
-S.I.P. – 72 Tape 1998 SIP
-HighQ – High quality Tape 1997 SIP
-Rhythmatic – It´s Gettin´ Crazy Tape 1996 SIP

HIJS – Ourplace – Handle with care CD 2008
Pop news/Fake for real – On a trial basis Vinyl
NLHD – N(obody) – On a trial basis Vinyl
Hiphopinjesmoel – N(obody) – On a trial basis Vinyl
DOT ALT – N(obody) – On a trial basis CD
UKHH – N(obody) – Climax orgasmo CD/Tape
Art. 12 – N(obody) – Climax orgasmo CD/Tape
Hiphopinfinity – N(obody) – Climax orgasmo CD/Tape
Local news paper – N(obody) sort of interview