N(obody) decided to get a hold of Jorrit’s focus on music.
Jorrit brought samples from Billy Ocean and Sique Sique Sputnik to Queensreich and dr. Alban. As a labelowner and post excutive, Jorrit always makes sure the muzik sounds absolutely gay.

“Was ghets du doen dan!” is the question when they start working on new music.

It’s like a student/teacher thing. N(obody) gives smooth sampling classes and describes Jorrit how to chop a nice heavy metal drum beat without glitches.
Jorrit is more of the pimp in this project and always asks for more distortion. Jorrit is here to freak out the world while N(obody) answers questions to those wondering what’s was going on during the Monsters of Rock festival back in 86.

Crack is overated, so is skateboarding, but that’s what these two do inbetween studio time. Help em out and start to stop giving a shit.

Album most likely whenever

Guest appearances, production and compilations
-Luwte  “Ancestral Primordial Pain” on Goose bumps 2.0 compilation on Milled Pavement Records USA 2007
-Luwte “Ancestral Primordial Pain” on SOPA DELICIOSA Mega Compilation! CD 2007
-Luwte – The Motherboard E-Compilation 2007 Internet album 2007
-Bleubird – RIP USA (CD + Double Vinyl)
“Walk it off” *Vinyl Bonus 2007
-Luwte “Now it is”
Gonzo Circus Magazine Double Track13 CD Compilation 2006

More music: