Interview InDepth (the Find magazine)

First published on the Find magazine, but offline right now. They will be back! You guys have been around the Dutch hip hop scene for decades. Where did it all start? S: A friend of mine introduced me to hiphop in 85. He brought some hiphop (tapes) to a soccer[…]

InDepth featured on BasslinersXS and the Find compilation

UK-based platform BasslinersXS asked The Find to curate a hip hop selection on the collaborative compilation Ice And Fire. The result is a schizophrenic two-sided collection with genres on two sides of the musical spectrum: dubstep/drum ‘n’ bass selected by BasslinersXS, and hip hop by The Find. Free download Compilation: Ice and Fire[…]

InDepth – My radio remixes by Magic Mayer

Here are 2 Bonus remixes of a Bonus song from InDepth’s – Higher value? when hiphop becomes more restricted. The story to this song is a little akward. InDepth supposed to perform in Dessau Germany at the Boombox meeting arranged by Boombox Peter and friends. Right before they (N, Syah &[…]

InDepth – New album Teaser

The new InDepth album “Higher value? when hiphop becomes more restricted” will be available 27-08-2012. Now up for pre-orders HERE Tracklist: In side -Aiming Music by Syah, Lyrics by N, Additional Vocals by Liv, Cuts by DJ Beedie and Syah. -Thunderstorm Music by Syah, Lyrics by N. -Dreamer Music by[…]

InDepth – Alternative ways of sacrifice (Official video)

New InDepth video, From the upcoming InDepth album — Higher value? when hiphop becomes more restricted. The song can also be found on the Occupy international compilation. feat: Th’ Mole & DJ 0.000001,  Dead Prez, Filastine, Tleilaxu Music Machine ,Sole, Riddlore , Bloodysnowman , PT Burnem , Bit-Tuner, Dadalu, Revenge[…]

New InDepth video – Wish you was

Third video. Say yeah! “Yeah” A few months ago we found this very old footage (2004) on one of Syah’s old hard drives. We had fun watching it, so we decided to get our edit on and do the video like we intended. Shot with an anolog cam which we[…]

InDepth – Wob wob EP OUT NOW!

There it is! The new InDepth – Wob wob EP for free. We consider this as a gift to our incredible friends, audience and fanbase (and of course all newlyweds) to announce our new vinyl release and digital album download coming soon. On this EP you can expect the songs[…]